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Hua­cayas cur­rent­ly rep­re­sent the major­i­ty of the alpaca pop­u­la­tion, account­ing for more than 98%. The ide­al type has strong legs that give it a slight­ly stock­i­er appear­ance as well as dense, crimped fur cov­er­ing the entire body, from the fore­head to the hooves. At the same time, the hua­caya is an attrac­tive, well-pro­por­tioned ani­mal. Its neck and head com­prise about a third of its height. It has black eyes, pricked ears shaped like spears, and a stance that is upright and proud.

High-qual­i­ty hua­caya fleece has a fine, dense tex­ture and grows in a uni­form fash­ion per­pen­dic­u­lar to the skin. It cov­ers the entire body apart from the ears and the bridge of the nose. The crimp should be even and vis­i­ble all over. A good hua­caya pro­duces a fine fibre with an even wave, a per­fect han­dle and a won­der­ful sheen that can com­pete with the finest cash­mere in terms of soft­ness. Breed­ers gen­er­al­ly judge hua­cayas with respect to the crimp and the fine­ness of the fur. We believe that the ide­al fleece should also exhib­it the oth­er qual­i­ties men­tioned above.

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