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Micron Test Reports


A first-class white female with outstanding fibre quality

One-of-a-kind, even in our herd – this is how you could describe Aruni. We pur­chased Aruni from Mar­i­ana Her­lin­da de la Garza in Chile, and she is one of our females with the finest fleece char­ac­ter­is­tics. At the age of eight, she has an aver­age fibre diam­e­ter of 15.9 microns. She has an opti­mal body con­di­tion with excel­lent pro­por­tions. We are delight­ed to have been able to acquire this excep­tion­al geno­type and are curi­ous to see how she will pass on the fine­ness of her fibres to her offspring. 

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