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Micron Test Reports


A picture-perfect female with the highest fleece weight

Blan­ca is one of the first females we pur­chased in 2015 from Maria Her­lin­da de la Garza from Quin­tes­sence breed­ers in Chile. Blan­ca has been one of our favourite females from the begin­ning, as she is per­fect in every sense of con­for­ma­tion with fine white fleece. At nine years old, her fleece has an incred­i­ble AFD of only 16.1 microns. This is pre­cise­ly the direc­tion our breed­ing pro­gramme should go – extreme­ly fine fleece, even in old age. At the time of her last shear­ing in 2019, her fleece weighed approx. 2.5 kg at 16.1 microns. She has again been bred this year, and we expect an out­stand­ing cria from her once again. 

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