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Micron Test Reports


A stud in a class of his own

Valenti­no is a top-class stud. His exclu­sive qual­i­ty and very rare genet­ics is unique in Ger­many. Valenti­no con­vinces with a per­fect and typ­i­cal Amer­i­can physique. He has strong bones and is very well pro­por­tioned. His height and move­ments are impec­ca­ble. The fleece val­ues ​​speak for them­selves, nev­er­the­less we would like to men­tion its extra­or­di­nary struc­ture, the crimp and the orga­ni­za­tion of the fibers. The sta­ple for­ma­tion indi­cates the high fleece den­si­ty and shows how close­ly the fiber fol­li­cles are arranged in the skin. The bright­ness of his fleece impress­es every­one who sees it, this cor­re­lates with his fine fleece, which has a sim­i­lar qual­i­ty all over the body.

His father is the well-known ACCOYO AMERICA KINGFISH, who has won many cham­pi­on titles on Amer­i­can shows. He is also in the top 5% of US EPD’s last year. His moth­er ACCOYO AMERICA ROAD WARRIOR’S UNITY is in the top 1% of Amer­i­can alpacas. This fam­i­ly tree speaks for itself.

Bring a piece of USA genet­ics to your herd.

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